Welcome to SecularShop.com! 

Secular Shop is an online mom-and-pop store for freethinkers of all ages. 

Whether you are a secular parent, an atheist/agnostic, or a humanist activist, Secular Shop has gifts, prints, and apparel just for you! 

A Place For Secular Parents

When we started our journey, which culminated in the opening of our virtual Secular Shop doors, we began with the notion of providing secular parents with apparel for themselves and their little ones.  Not often can you find children and baby clothing promoting a secular lifestyle and we were ready to change that!  It became the first cornerstone to our online store, and remains a prime focal point for us to this day.

As proud secular parents ourselves, we are raising our freethinkers without any religion or dogma.  We’ve also had the pleasure to lead secular community groups in our local area, and realized how much we loved sharing resources, building community, and finding common ground with fellow secular parents.   Additionally, we found it fulfilling to open dialogue with non-secular parents about our parenting views; demystifying and disillusioning our religious neighbors into realizing that we too are simply loving parents who wish to provide the best for our children.

Here at Secular Shop, we aim to provide a place for fellow secular parents to find items that reflect the positive aspects of household secularism.  Everything from adults to teens, from kids to babies – we’ve got what your freethinking family needs!

Atheist / Agnostic Appeal

The next step in expanding our Secular Shop was to cast a wider net, beyond that of solely secular parents.  We aim to include every type of non-believer out there by providing designs with them in mind.  Our goal is to provide high-quality products to atheists and agnostics alike.  While those terms are not mutually exclusive, it is not Secular Shop’s goal to compartmentalize, segregate, or pigeonhole people into definitions and labels of anything beyond “secular”.  Rather, we wish to include everything that “secular” could encompass under its umbrella.

Expanding our designs into the atheistic and agnostic realms has been most enjoyable, and seemingly generated the most buzz.  While we ultimately strive to create designs that are effectively high-quality in material and fashionable in design, this particular area of focus gives room to move a little more freely in our messaging, to stretch our legs into the realm of provocation (and, yes, sometimes irreverence). 

Here in our virtual store, you will find items for atheists and agnostics that hopefully rise above the typical dowdiness of similarly-themed clothes you’d find elsewhere.  We endeavor to add flavor to the otherwise tasteless, style to the otherwise gauche, and boldness to the otherwise brash paralleling apparel with which you are most likely a bit too familiar.  Explore our gifts, prints, and clothing, and see our efforts in action! 

A Home for Humanist Activists

The last area of our expanding domain required somewhat of an embrace of a common extension often applied to the term “secular”: Humanist.  Since “secular” and “humanist” are popular complements to each other, we at Secular Shop feel it only makes sense that our store develop designs along this line.  And, quite honestly, it lends itself to another outlet of creative expression that we enjoy embracing and sharing with our customers.

One of the most exciting aspects of incorporating Humanist principles into our designs is that it allows us to explore messaging that illustrates that which we do stand for, rather than relegating us only to expressing that which we do not.  Additionally, forward-thinking ideals such as Women’s Rights and LGTBQ+ Pride find their place here as well, since we find their ideals to be compatible with the Humanist outlook. 

As we invite you to explore our products and designs, we want to thank you for reading a bit more about what we are all about here in our Secular Shop!  We’re sure you will find items here that will be perfect for yourself, your child, and friends/family members!